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  Seven Month Young ~   Male ~  Miniature Pinscher

DOB: 7/28/17      IMPS  ID # 25866

~  Adoption Pending   ~

Caesar:   7 months old, red, neutered, male, docked tail, cropped ears, AKC purebred, 6lbs, shots up to date.

Caesar’s owner surrendered him because she didn’t research the Min Pin breed or realize the effort involved in owning and training an energetic young dog.

He’s a typical puppy being fast, hyper and just about house trained.  He’s a blank slate, a work in progress and ready to learn but, like all Min Pins he will test you and be in charge if you let him.  He gets along with our two male senior dogs and always wants to run and play and will require a secure fenced yard. Don't know about cats.   Would be a better fit for older children.   He would make a good candidate for agility training.

Caesar is getting the hang of leash walking once you can slow him down long enough to get one on him.  According to Caesar:  shoes and anything accessible from the cloths hamper are considered his.  He’s a little grumpy with strangers and other dogs at times and will definitely bark when he hears unfamiliar noises like most all Min Pins. 

When he’s not running or jumping he looks forward to a lap to curl up on.  He will sleep under the covers with you or he’s just as happy to hang out in his crate.

We want Caesar’s adopter to be familiar with The Miniature Pinscher breed and especially what’s involved in owning a puppy so that his third stop in life will be his forever home.


Caesar is located in Bowie, Maryland and we will not fly this boy.

IMPS Tag # 25866

ADD DATE: 02/26/18


If you wish to adopt, please fill out our application: http://www.minpinrescue.org/home.html


If you have previously submitted an application form, there’s no need to re-apply




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A little skittish when he first got here but he's getting better day by day!


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This is his first home with a fenced yard to explore without a leash
but it's been so cold, windy and rainy lately he's not that interested yet!

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He does like exploring what's in the full toy box.

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He really gets into tossing  toys into the air.

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He  gives  you the innocent face about not knowing how a toy got messed up
even if the evidence shows otherwise !

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He does know how to make himself feel at home now..

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All legs !

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He is nice enough to warm the covers up for us..

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February 9th and figured it was time for his first car ride and visit the vet's office and say hi to the staff.
Caesar needs work letting us catch him and getting some leash training.
He was a little grumpy meeting new people and especially seeing other dogs.

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Monday, February 12th  and Caesar doesn't understand why he didn't get any breakfast or why he was wearing  his going out somewhere gear.   If he's not happy now I'm sure he won't be pleased later, after his neuter surgery.

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Cold??   I'm not cold !

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March has arrived and Caesar is ready to find his forever home!

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