J A C K      The Hyper Dog

CKC   DOB: 09/15/2004

DAM: Little Katie Bean        SIRE: Triple M's Tiny TJ

Adopted  July 24, 2009
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service



Well, I'm pretty much ready for winter to be over.. 
A forecasted small dusting of snow for Jan 30th 2010 turned out to be 8 inches...
My dad likes the fact that it was a dry snow being so cold out so he used a blower to clear paths in the backyard instead of having to shovel...    Not that I really have a problem getting wet!




Here we go again...  Last night Feb. 2nd,  another 4 inches of snow.  This time it was wet and my dad had to shovel the path again and I think he's had it with this crap.   Problem is the Friday night & Saturday   forecast is for another major snow storm of 12-24 inches !!!



The snow storm Feb 5th & 6th  Friday night into Saturday all day was just about enough to deal with.
As bad as it was Mommy & Daddy still shoveled paths in the yard for us spoiled little dogs.
It's a drag especially not being able to see anything but snow walls. Just a little over 27 inches!!!


WOW.... February 10th 2010  A Blizzard Hit!!!
Tuesday night and all day  Wednesday was horrible.  40-50 mph winds and whiteout conditions.
Mom & Dad kept up with the shoveling and made sure we had our outdoor bathroom clear.
Officially had enough of this winter...



Well it's February 22nd and two weeks after two snow storms this stuff is finally starting to melt!
But man I do love trying to catch snow balls!!!


After over a month since the blizzard and some really nice days this little blob in the backyard is all there is left!

Today will be my last day to play catch the snowball...

So nice to be able to explore the backyard again... Ahhh the smell of fresh compost!

Always nice to lounge with Dad on the couch!  

Man O Man the first day of Spring and the temps are in the mid 70's,  Sweeeet !


Gonna get in trouble for digging again...

1st  week in May, temps in the mid 80's and the thought of snow is long gone now!

Well it's the middle of June and Mom has a new birdbath that is supposed to keep me from
knocking it over.  We'll see!


Today July 10th 2010  marks one year at my new home. Seems like it was just yesterday I came here.
I gained a pound (pure muscle) but other than that, I'm still hyper and bursting with energy.
My Dad thought I would settle down and mellow out like Jinx did but that's not me, I have to be
constantly in motion. I really love it here but I still remember my first family an will always love them also!

I sure do love my backyard and just can't get enough of it.  You might not have seen as many pictures
lately but it's not because my Daddy hasn't tried.... The fact is most of them turn out like the one below.

Once and a while he catches me before I take off..

Just turned six on September 15th and I don't feel any older and have no intention of slowing down.

I have this thing about playing with rocks in the yard.  My Dad gets tired of stepping on them and
rounding them all up before he cuts the grass...  They're cool and I can kick them around all day!!


There are times I need to wrap myself up in a good blanket!

November 22nd... Jinx and I went to our first obedience class tonight...
We were  excited to be around so many new sights and sounds and had a hard time concentrating..

Got our first snow fall this winter on December 16th only a little over an inch..
Not that I'm complaining since there's no way I want to see what fell last December!
My Mom & Dad put our little Christmas tree up today...
Looking forward to new Loofa toys since all of mine have been repaired and missing a few parts..


I think Jinx is gonna get in trouble snooping in the bag before Christmas !

Yeah, It's Christmas morning !



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