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You wouldn't go to a store or a mall for your health care would you?
So don't take your sick or injured loving pet to one.
Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital is an excellent place to go.
Friendly, compassionate, quality service!




Here is the wonderful place to purchase natural pet products
Crunchies Natural Pet Foods

Quality products. Knowledgeable, helpful staff. Crunchies is an independent, family run business that actually provides customer service.

2421 Crofton Lane, Suite 11  Crofton, Maryland 21114      410-721-5432




Check out our
youtube video

This is the rescue my wife and I are foster volunteers and where our three boys were adopted from!


Instead of buying a pet from a puppy mill supplied  pet shop
or a careless breeder, why not give a homeless animal a second chance
and adopt one from the PG County Maryland Animal Shelter?
They aren't damaged goods they're loving animals!




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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged

by the way that its animals are treated.
You can tell even more by the way  its older animals are treated.