Pippin   "The little Red Dog"



Adopted October 28, 2012
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

First Year 2012




January 15th 2013  Went to the vet today for a check-up and look at my right eye because I'm squinting some of the time. Turns out I have an ulcer like Jack had once due to dry eyes.  You would have a better chance of wrestling a steer than getting me to hold still for eye drops twice a day!  Since I need to have the drops in my eyes daily from now on I guess I had better get used to it.  Plus I heard Dad say at $60 a bottle he didn't want to waste most of it on my head!

I do like my new jammies Mom made for me!


January 22nd  went to the vet to re-check my right eye. The ulcer is still there so they took some blood and made a serum for use as drops in my eye for another week.  I hope this works so I don't need surgery since the vet bills are adding up!

January 29th vet said that darn ulcer is still in my eye..  Smaller, but still there so another week of that serum and a RX of drops in my eye that I hate.  We'll see in another week if it's any smaller...


February is starting off just too cold and windy and these 1 inch snows are getting old!

February 5th  Went to the vet today to check on my eye ulcer again.
Got the all clear ~ It's gone ~ Whoo Hooo
Still need drops 2x daily for my dry eye but at least it's better than 6x a day!


February 7th  Not feeling good so it's off to the vet again today to see what the problem is.
x-rays and blood tests normal so Dad took me to a dentist in Annapolis today (Friday 8th)
My teeth need cleaning but my neck is what is hurting so I will be on pain meds and muscle relaxers.
Mom & Dad are nice to care so much about my health!  

Feb 9th  Still not myself and don't care too much about eating.  I just sit and stare at times and hide under a small table maybe because of the muscle relaxer. Mom & Dad are worried and mentioned taking me to a chiropractor next week.


Feb 12th  I've felt better the last few days but not back to my normal self..
Mom took me this afternoon to see Dr. Alison Key at Everhart Veterinary Hospital in Baltimore, MD hoping acupuncture will help.
I heard Dad say something about needing a second job?


Feb 17th  Slowly starting to feel better as long as I don't over do it and run around too much.
I do however hate this Velcro on my house jacket Mom made.
Every time I get out from under the blanket it sticks so I end up dragging it around the house!


February 19th   Went for my second round of acupuncture this afternoon to see if my progress will get better since the first one seemed to help. I wasn't the only dog with needles stuck in me because Jinx has his first experience with them today also!


Well, it's the 2nd of March and I do feel almost 100% back to normal, almost.
It seems Jinx is getting the needles now and he went today to swim therapy. 
Good for him because needles and water aren't on my top ten list anyway!

Shouldn't brag too much when I feel good...
March 26th must have jumped or landed wrong because my neck is hurting bad again...
So it's off to get more acupuncture on Thursday the 28th...  Tough getting old!


Well it's April 7th and with a small daily dose of Medrol (steroid) I'm 99% under control!


It's the middle of April and the weather is finally getting nice. 
Time to spend more time exploring the backyard..




May has come and gone...  June has been quite a rainy month getting 6 inches in a week.
That's no problem because I know what to do when it's nasty outside!!!



Mom is getting mad at me for eating her Hostas...



Hey, the weather's warm and doesn't last long so I want to have fun while it lasts!
Plus the meds I've been taking keep me active again...



Yeah, I like fruit even before it's ready!!!


Pretty Proud Of Myself Also!



Middle of October ~ A week straight of rain ~ No Problem...


I usually sleep through football !


Baby It's Cold Outside On This Saturday Morning
The Perfect Time To Kick Back & Relax!


End of October and I'm dealing with another eye ulcer,  this time in my left eye...
 It's tough being an old dog!


These Cave Crickets Act Dead After I Chew On Them But I Know They're Faking!


Christmas 2013