Pippin   "The little Red Dog"


 Updated December 26, 2012 

Adopted October 28, 2012
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

After fostering me for almost nine months Linda & Jimmy decided to adopt me.
I live with two other adopted IMPS Min Pins  Jinx & Jack.

I  like it here!!!


At only 6-1/2 pounds, what I lack in size I make up with my loving personality !


I enjoy laying on my Daddy !




I love to play with my toys and tease Jack when he wants my Nylabone.


Back away from the carrot!!!


I just love my sunbeam.




I know how to strike a pose!



How could you not love this face?


Mom took me to obedience training and I passed.


I like my new home with Jinx & Jack
But I sure miss the big red dog Hank who got adopted October 1st.


Now this is the life!


I know I'm cute but I have to show my tough dog face once in awhile..


Yup, this place is alright by me!!!



December 2nd 2012
Dad decided it was time to try taking a picture of us boys. 
He only had a few seconds to get it done before we all bolted.


I did get some one on one time with the camera also!


This will be my first Christmas at my new, forever home and I'm really excited.
Got to see Santa but I told him I had everything I ever needed....
I'm one lucky dog!


There maybe a few bits left but I'm not too sure about getting in there like Jinx!


~ 1st Christmas at my new home 2012 ~