Jinx   The Wild  Dog

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DAM:  Sheila's Miss Abby       SIRE:  Spike Little Man Of Steel

Adopted September 28, 2008
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

December 8, 2004  ~  January 10, 2020


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Not much of a bang starting the New Year off... 
Dad & Mom didn't stay up late so it was just another night. 
My right front leg has always been giving me on again off again slight lameness but this first week of the New Year it's been worse. Thursday the 2nd and Sunday the 5th, I could hardly put any weight on it.


January 8th 2020  Mom took me to see the Doctor this afternoon, Dad stayed home because he was having lower back problems (tough to get old)  Doc took an xray and said my right shoulder was bruised probably because my rear end is so weak I've been using my front legs to pull me around.   My neck discs are wore out and my spine is still a mess.  I was prescribed Gabapentin along with my Medrol and Tramadol to get the swelling down and make it easier for me to move around..  Time will tell but the snow we got the night before isn't helping me walk outside..  But the weekend is supposed to be in the high 60's, go figure...

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Since Dad hasn't been working these last few days because his back is still hurting,
we can kick back together and rest in a nice warm bed.  Two old dogs helping their bodies recover!!

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Friday January 10th  From Jinx's Mom & Dad...
The xrays just showed way too much degeneration to his spine and discs for any medication to be of any help to relieve his chronic pain.  Everything is so unstable he was at risk of having life threatening spine failure and we couldn't let that happen.   He was a good boy and lived a great life with us for twelve years and deserves to be pain free so at 11:30 this morning we said goodbye to our love, Jinxy..  His memory will live on forever in our hearts...

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Jinx was a trooper and always had a happy outlook on life even when he was in pain and could barely get around.

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Getting our boy ready for his last journey to be pain free...

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Taking his last car ride which he loved to do...

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Enjoying a bunch of Dad's home made biscuits..

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Telling him how much he meant to us these past twelve years and letting him know we will try and keep Lady & Piper in line for him.

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It's amazing how such a little dog can make such a huge difference in your life..
We will always have the loving memories and will be forever in our hearts!!

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Jinx had many fans in the Facebook Community and they shared their feeling on the news of his passing...


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