Jinx   The Wild  Dog

1st Year  2008



I'm not too trusting of strangers and things around me seem pretty scary
but my foster mom Bonnie taught me a few things and boosted my confidence.

I ran from Linda & Jimmy when I first met them but
now after being adopted, I have a good feeling
this is will be my forever home.

My new parents recently lost their adopted 12 year old min pin
SPIKE to cancer so I'm glad I can bring   joy and love to their lives.


The second day of my new home experience ended up being exciting around sunset.
My Mom went to the car to get something out of the trunk and I followed her out the front door.
I looked around and saw un-explored territory and was not tethered to a leash.
I was off in a flash and so was Mom and Dad running franticly to find my leash and get the car to try
and catch me.  I got to run flat out and show my true speed darting from house to house, back and forth
across streets peeing and pooping in short bursts which is my way of dropping bread crumbs so I would
be able to find my way home again.  I got pretty far away and they tried to catch me but there's no way they could
until I got tired and ended up getting cornered in a fenced driveway and since it was starting to get dark I decided to let
them put my leash on. I could tell Mom and Dad were exhausted, mad, and relieved all at the same time. 
They now have signs on all of  the exterior doors  to remind themselves how quick I really am!



Strike A Pose,  How's This?

A little landscaping is in order
and I can't explain why I have to kick up debris all the time.
Maybe to show I'm The Big Dog !

  Wow, new neighbors!


Yup, This Place Is Alright...



I know this coat mom made me out of old
jeans is a work in progress


Three months at my new home and it's going great...  I'm slowly learning how to "walk" better on a leash instead of running but I do like to run.  In fact,  when the patio door opens I resemble a thoroughbred  leaving the gate at Church Hill Downs.  Actually I don't consider it running if my body is in the air more than on the ground.

I still find it necessary to keep marking my new home even though I think it's wrong.
Mom and Dad seem to think I will someday come when called but us Min Pins have our own agenda!


One of the draw backs of playing in the mud!


      Christmas in my new home with my new family 2008 tomorrow                         Gotta practice ya know!


Hey It's Christmas 2008


Visited my little cousin Cosmo on Dec 26th in Easton MD
I'm bigger than him but I had to respect his turf.
I was trying to be nice to Buddy the cat but once he ran, he was fair game!
Although I still bark at strangers in my own house I don't at other people's.


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