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DOB: August 7th 2009


Fostered August 7th 2019 ~ Adopted November 14, 2019

From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

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Well another year has started...
This one is way better since we haven't gotten any snow like last January
and that's just fine with me!



It's March 4th already and there's not much going on here except today is the two year anniversary of Aries being adopted.  Oh and we are all taking a trip to the vet clinic to get our heartworm tests done...


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I know I'm really cute but enough with the pictures...

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I think there should be a bigger bed in this house!!

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I'm trusted to go out front without a leash but, truth be told I would never leave here!!


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Enjoying the sunshine!

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This year is almost half over but there's not that much happening except I'm just getting older.
I can hardly hear at all and my tires old legs don't move me very fast any longer
but that's okay as long as I can make it to the food bowl!!

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Summer has officially come to a close and there's not much to report about from an old dog.
Eat, drink, take care of business, sleep and repeat.
Super exciting!!



So tired I can't even make it into the bed!

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Damn static.....

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The last month or so has been rough...
Was limping really bad so I had some Xrays taken that showed
some disks in my spine that aren't too pretty not to mention this rash that luckily
is fading away finally.  I'm not allowed to jump up on the furniture any more
and taking a few drugs every day to help keep this 14 year old dog's pain under control..

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Middle of December and we got a little now in an amount I can deal with!!

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A new year has started...  I'm so excited!
Even though my skinny body is getting weaker by the day...

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March 4th and I had a trip to the vet this afternoon for some bloodwork
hoping to find a reason why I had a seizure last night. 
My labs came back okay so I am now on some anti-seizure meds but
I'm having trouble walking and kind of in a bit of a daze at times...


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Mom took me for a short walk a few houses down the street but it was slow going
and had a feeling it was probably going to be my last but it was okay since I was with my Mom!



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I spend most of the day resting in the Toby bed since getting around isn't easy to do any longer...




March 11th and it's been a week taking Phenobarbital along with my Gabapentin and I'm even more unsteady on my feet.  My eyesight and hearing are just about gone as well plus a serious case of the runs, not fun...  Mom & Day are taking me to the Doctor tomorrow to get me checked out but I'm not enjoying howI feel and what my life has become.


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Mom picked me up to visit since I haven't been able to jump much for quite a while.


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Dad picked me up to take a little nap on him and it was nice!



March 12th  Got my check up and the doctor all but said there's not much hope
of me ever being the same happy healthy dog much longer.
I know Mom & Dad will not let me suffer and let me leave this world on a high note.



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I'm enjoying every chance I can get to be close to Mom & Dad



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Got to chill out with Dad for again but Aries just has to be included in everything!





March 18, 2024   
Piper, being a little trooper to keep pushing on even through her difficult health issues was becoming too much for her to handle.  Her mobility issues and the recent seizure was just too hard on her to let her carry on that way.  We went to Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital and at 6:30pm we let her be relieved of any further pain.   She will always hold a special place in our hearts.



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~ Piper Is Coming Home ~



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