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DOB: August 7th 2009


Fostered August 7th 2019 ~ Adopted November 14, 2019

From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

Piper 2020       Piper 1st year 2019        

My Home Girls     Lady   &  Aries   




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A new year has started ~ I'm so excited!

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February 2nd we got a little snow and I'm not a fan!

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This is more like it ~ Taking a nap with Dad!

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February 18th 2021  Another round of wet weather but this time about an inch of sleet.
Mom put a tarp out to save a patch of ground for us to take care of business but
as usual the weather man was wrong about getting a bunch of snow and that's ok by me..

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Here's a short video of me searching for some bird food to eat!


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This is my favorite place to be.....

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March 4, 2021   Let the excitement begin...
Dad saw a 1-1/2 year old female Min Pin on Craigslist and talked the owner into turning her over to the IMPS rescue that  Mon & Dad volunteer with.  Advertising young dogs for not much money is not a good idea because people get the dogs and breed them over and over to make money or use them as bait dogs to train fighting dogs.   She was not used to this much freedom and toys since she is running through the house at 100mph.  She will settle down eventually since we aren't into that much rough play...

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Mom & Dad adopted Aries today, April 4, 2021


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The weather is really starting to warm up and that's fine with me...

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This new girl Aries gives a good face washing, she's okay by me!


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Middle of May and it's really getting nice outside!

Then, all the noise started out here..  The Cicadas are waking up from their 17 year nap.  Those things are everywhere and it's driving Dad crazy because Lady and Aries seem to think they are just so tasty and won't stop eating them.   Myself, I don't think they look like something I want to eat!

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Listen to what our backyard sounds like HERE


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Aries seems to think I'm her bff


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It's the 1st of June and Mom's been taking Aries out early in the morning before she goes to work because there's been some "accidents" in the house.  My right rear leg has been acting up lately and I haven't been getting many walks, until this morning.  Dad took me just down to the end of the street and back and that was fine with me!


Love me some lettuce, if I can eat it before Aries the sneak tries to steal it!

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I don't know what Aries is trying to do but this is just too weird...

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Doesn't matter where I hang out with Dad...

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August 7, 2021   Today is my 2 year Anniversary with Linda & Jimmy  (aka Mom & Dad)
It's also the day I celebrate my Birthday @ 12 years young.



Doesn't matter how hot it is outside as long as we can lay under a ceiling fan with the AC blasting

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Guess Mom wanted us girls out from under her feet while she's cooking dinner!

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October is about finished and we are starting to have some cooler afternoons now and that's fine by me.
Lady and I had our yearly check ups recently and we both received a clean bill of health!

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It's nice to lay next to Dad...  Usually Aries get up here first!

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What a nice afternoon for a walk with Dad!

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December 6, 2921   Mom & Dad went to the shelter to jail break these senior Chi's
They will be with us over night until Mom takes them to Brian in Culpepper VA where they will be transported to
Buddy & Friends Senior Sanctuary to live out their lives...

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No reason to get too close and get trampled!

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A year sure goes by fast when you're an old dog... 
2022 is right around the corner and anything can happen.
December 30th I have a visit to the doctor for a dental appointment. 
Had one a year ago and six teeth removed so I'm hoping for just a cleaning this time!
Meanwhile I'll just chill out and take life day by day...

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December 30th I started off the morning without any breakfast and around 7am Dad took me for a ride...
When we parked I looked out the window and saw that we were at the vet's office.

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I spent the whole day there waiting to have my teeth cleaned & checked.
They pulled a little one and a real big one and I only have about eight teeth left.
What a way to end the year!

I'm not complaining about being served canned food for a while though!

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