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Dam:  Walker's Kit Kat         Sire: Walker's Blue

Foster on March 4, 2021 ~ Adopted April 4, 2021



I came to Linda & Jimmy as a  foster because my owner's busy schedule had me spending too many hours alone in a crate. 
I adapted quickly to my new home and their girls Lady & Piper.  
After a month, Mom & Dad decided I'm already at my forever home right here with them...

Here are my house mates:

Lady  &  Piper



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Yeah, this place rocks being able to have a run of the house...


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Never seen so many places to kick back with blankets everywhere.


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My new Dad doesn't mind me using his legs as a lounge chair...



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Not sure if Dad really likes me laying on his face but I did hear him snoring!


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And the toys....  A basket filled with toys that Lady & Piper aren't really into at all...


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My Mom says I'm just so sweet.....


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Here's a nice spot to rest up, right by the heat vent with My Sun Beam on my body!


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I'm scoring points with Piper since she likes getting her face washed...


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I got to have my crate in the living room, right next to the toy supply!



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I really like my new backyard.  So many places to explore especially watching for critters living under the shed...



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Had a visit to the hospital on April 1st for an operation to make sure I can't have any babies..
Not too crazy about wearing this spare tire on my head even though it's only for a week

but it's WAY better than that nasty cone!!


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There's no way wearing this donut will keep me from playing with everything in the toy box!

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April 11th, 2021 a beautiful Sunday morning,
and since that donut has been removed it's time to play some fetch!

Watch me:  HERE


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There's plenty of exploring to be done in my new yard!


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No Mom, I'm not eating any bird seed, honest!