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Dam:  Walker's Kit Kat         Sire: Walker's Blue

DOB: November 2, 2019 

Foster on March 4, 2021 ~ Adopted April 4, 2021

Aries 2022     Aries 1st year 2021

Here are my house mates:   Lady  &  Piper


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Well another year has arrived and even though we had some really cold days
but most have been above average temps like in the 50's and low 60's.
That's way better than all of that snow we had last January...



Today is March 4th 2023 and my Two Year Anniversary of being adopted
by Linda & Jimmy (aka) Mom & Dad

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This is one of the rare times I'm sitting quietly waiting for my FOOD !

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Spring & Summer warmth ~ I'm so excited!

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There's not much going on lately.  Today marks a year since I ate that stupid battery and had to be cut open to remove it along with a peach pit that was in my stomach along with it.
Don't remember eating that peach pit!


We have new neighbors next door since Kenny & Molly moved away.
They have two big dogs that bark all of the time, even more than me!

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Summer is almost gone and thare's not much to talk about
except not looking forward to any cold weather!



Going to enjoy the warmth of Mr Sun while I can!!

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It's November 2nd my 4th Birthday
It's getting cold outside and those 80 degree days we
recently had are gone.....

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The 2023  is over and I'm looking forward to a new year!!

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A new year has arrived, yeah!
My two room mates aren't moving as fast as they used to so I
need to work at keeping them active which is good for an old dog!

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