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Dam:  Walker's Kit Kat         Sire: Walker's Blue

Foster on March 4, 2021 ~ Adopted April 4, 2021



I came to Linda & Jimmy as a  foster because my owner's busy schedule had me spending too many hours alone in a crate. 
I adapted quickly to my new home and their girls Lady & Piper.  
After a month, Mom & Dad decided I'm already at my forever home right here with them...

Here are my house mates:

Lady  &  Piper



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Yeah, this place rocks being able to have a run of the house...


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Never seen so many places to kick back with blankets everywhere.


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My new Dad doesn't mind me using his legs as a lounge chair...



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Not sure if Dad really likes me laying on his face but I did hear him snoring!


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And the toys....  A basket filled with toys that Lady & Piper aren't really into at all...


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My Mom says I'm just so sweet.....


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Here's a nice spot to rest up, right by the heat vent with My Sun Beam on my body!


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I'm scoring points with Piper since she likes getting her face washed...


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I got to have my crate in the living room, right next to the toy supply!



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I really like my new backyard.  So many places to explore especially watching for critters living under the shed...



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Had a visit to the hospital on April 1st for an operation to make sure I can't have any babies..
Not too crazy about wearing this spare tire on my head even though it's only for a week

but it's WAY better than that nasty cone!!


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There's no way wearing this donut will keep me from playing with everything in the toy box!

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April 11th, 2021 a beautiful Sunday morning,
and since that donut has been removed it's time to play some fetch!

Watch me:  HERE


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There's plenty of exploring to be done in my new yard!


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No Mom, I'm not eating any bird seed, honest!

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Middle of May already ~ How time flies!!

Then one day all the noise started outside..  The Cicadas are waking up from their 17 year nap.  Those things are everywhere and it's driving Dad crazy because they are just so tasty and like chips, I can't eat just one!
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It's hard for Mom to deal with me on a walk with those crunchy treats all over the place!!

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Listen to what our backyard sounds like  HERE


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I like it here since Piper is putting up with me being her bff


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Man did I hit the jackpot coming here or what!


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Dad should be paying attention to me, not the TV !

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I wish these two would hurry up and finish so I can lick their bowls...

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August, and it's super hot outside but not here in the AC laying  under a ceiling fan!!

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I guess we were under Mom's feet too much while she was getting dinner ready...

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October is almost gone and the afternoons are not as hot and it's slowly getting darker early..
Mom keeps yelling at me to stop jumping in the flower tank eating something called Hi Biscuits?

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How can I not eat something called biscuits??

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This is my pointer pose..

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November 2, 2021    Today is my 2nd Birthday
Being in my forever home is the BEST present a dog can get!

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November is almost gone and Dad took me on a walk "his first time" 
and he wasn't happy with me pulling him along!

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I know I can reach the toy that fell behind the basket!

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December 6, 2921   Mom & Dad went to the shelter to jail break these senior Chi's
They will be with us over night until Mom takes them to Brian in Culpepper VA where they will be transported to
Buddy & Friends Senior Sanctuary to live out their lives...

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Bear can still jump pretty high for an old boy but not as high as me!

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Lady doesn't seem to understand that all bones are mine!

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Well, 2021 is just about history and looking forward to new adventures in 2022...
Dad bought a few new toys but I could only grab two at a time!

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