Jinx   The Wild  Dog

CKC     DOB:  12/08/04
DAM:  Sheila's Miss Abby       SIRE:  Spike Little Man Of Steel



Adopted September 28, 2008
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service


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My Buddy Jack      My Buddy Pippin



January 22nd went to the vet for a check up and my back legs are getting weaker because of the disk problem in my back and I lost almost a pound.  Hopefully Mom & Dad can find a solution to help because I don't want to be wearing wheels!

January 29th over 60 degrees so we went for a walk.  My legs aren't too strong so it was a short one.
Dad is working my legs twice a day to build up some strength.  I heard I might be starting water/swim therapy soon!


February is starting off just too cold and windy and these 1 inch snows are getting old!



I love to follow my sunbeam around the house, there's no escape!


February 19th   Mom took me this afternoon to see Dr. Alison Key at Everhart Veterinary Hospital in Baltimore, MD hoping acupuncture will help my back problem.  Pippin showed some progress  with the treatment last week so we both went today....


Had another acupuncture treatment a few days ago.  Now today March 2nd,  I went for a 30 minute swim therapy
session at the Canine Fitness Center to help build strength in my rear legs.
 I wasn't too thrilled at first but it really wasn't too bad.



Swimming Video


Well it's the middle of March and still getting stuck with needles and tolerating the weekly swimming.
For some reason my ears are standing straight up more often???



It's the middle of April and it's feeling more like Spring, Finally!

Enjoying the nice weather while it lasts since it's only here for a little while!


Just Chillin With My Daddy!!


Another Summer has come to an end....

September 28th
5 years at my new home ~ time flies


Middle of October and amost a week straight of rain ..
That's OK, I know how to handle it.





Cold & Windy Saturday ~ Great Day To Be Inside With My Toys!



December 8th, My 9th Birthday
Life Is Good!


Christmas 2013






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