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CKC     DOB:  12/08/04
DAM:  Sheila's Miss Abby       SIRE:  Spike Little Man Of Steel


Latest Update: December 26, 2012

Adopted September 28, 2008
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service


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My Buddy Jack



The new year did and didn't start off too well for our foster friend Rusty.

He was with us for about three months and I knew that he wasn't happy on the inside. Rusty was a scared little guy when he arrived and finally came out of his shell to run and play but you could tell that spine injury was making him always on edge.

He wore that diaper and didn't like not being able to do his business outside. Mom and Dad tried everything to make him comfortable but there's only so much that could have been done.  I could tell they were sad on Jan 2nd when they took Rusty to the vet so they could free him from his pain.  They came back without him and I could tell they had been crying.  I felt bad for them but I'm glad the little guy got to be part of our family and experienced a home, love and security before leaving this world.

I saw dad talking to him that morning telling him how much he is loved and asking  what he wanted him to do...

Rusty will be missed and I know Mom & Dad will continue helping other Min Pins find homes!

Rusty's Memorial Page



What's with this crazy weather?
70 degrees a few days ago and snow this evening 1/9...  I hate snow!!!


January 21st... 1/2" snow 1/2" sleet with freezing rain on top...
I can handle some snow but walking on top of ice, forget about it..
Don't like to "walk" anywhere!


jinx10112-5172.jpg (62957 bytes)

I love our new indoor dog houses...


The 27th started off with rain and Dad was working inside all morning taking care of projects while us dogs did what we do best, sleep.
The afternoon turned out great, sunny and 64 so Dad made time for us and we went for a walk, sweeeet !


Did you say "new Nylabones ?"

I sure love Veggies... Even Brussels Sprouts! 



We have another IMPS foster who came here yesterday.
This boy is tiny but is figuring out the pecking order!


Hey, how come it's still light outside??  Daylight what?



75 degrees outside on March 14th...  Had a walk and my lunch..  Time to kick back!



Happy St. Patrick's Day
Our Aunt Bobbi sent us this huge Loofa which might last the weekend!

Well Spring came but didn't last very long... 
Pippin the little Red Dog foster is still with us after 3 months..
Now the Heat Is ON !  100 degrees outside..  I'll stay in where it's cool, like me!


My Mom makes all of us wear belly bands in the house since the carpets were cleaned..
Yeah, Right!!!


June 22, 2012:  Since I've been taking Medrol, a kind of steroid for my itchy skin for over a year, Mom & Dad took me to the vet for a physical and have blood work done to make sure I'm a healthy boy.
I received a clean bill of health!


June 14th 2012..  We have another red dog foster who's not a Min Pin...
He's huge but I don't take any crap from him..


August 2, 2012.. Mom & Dad noticed I wasn't kicking up mulch with my back legs and it was taking two or more attempts to jump up on the bed so I went to the vet for x-rays yesterday..
Turns out I have a few bad disks in my back that hopefully can be gotten under control with meds.


Wow The middle of September already.  The summer really blew by.
Been taking meds for my back problems and DAD won't let me jump up on the bed any more.
Had a few Chiropractic visits and made some progress but not 100% yet.

Little Pippin the red foster dog is still here... Don't think he's ever going to leave
But that's ok he doesn't bother me!


September 28, 2012
4 years at my great new home!


October 1, 2012  The Big Red Dog Hank was adopted by this guy in Virginia.  He has a tiny female Min Pin who will be in for a surprise when Hank goes charging through their house 50 mph and knocks her down.
Glad he found a home but I can be more at ease not having to worry about him running into me with my back problems.
I still can't jump on the bed or stand on my back legs like I used to..  Sucks!


December 2nd 2012
Dad decided it was time to try taking a picture of us boys. 
He only had a few seconds to get it done before we all bolted.


Mmmmm  smells so nice in here I could take a nap!

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