Pippin   "The little Red Dog"


May 22, 2005 ~ July 25, 2017


Adopted October 28, 2012
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

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My Buddy Jinx  &   Jack

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2017 is officially here and it just doesn't feel any different??
I guess that's the way it goes when you're a senior dog!!




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Our house guests Bella who once was a foster here, and her bff Carmin were visiting for the last two weeks and went home January 5th.
It is nice having our house get back to normal...



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January 7th 2017  Got our first inch or so of snow for the year and not too happy about it at all !


Since the snow was dry and not very deep, Dad used the leaf blower to make some paths
even though we don't always use them when we're excited...
A couple of quick videos   HERE   and  HERE


January 9th and a visit to the Doctor for another infection in my mouth...
Just had 8 teeth pulled six weeks ago and now I have to have my teeth cleaned again tomorrow, WTH ?



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January 10th...  Jinx and Jack got their breakfast this morning and all I got was meds in a pill pocket, a ride to the vet's office and I was left there...  NOT COOL !



What a long day today was...  Stuck in a cage except when I was taken out to have two more teeth pulled..
Going to sleep really good tonight!
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February 23, 2017
Celebrating 5 Years At My New Home

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Yup, Life Is Good ! Especially since it's almost the end of February and the weather has been in the 60's and 70's...

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Spoke too soon since today the 26th,  the temps are in the low 30's....  No big deal since I can just kick back in the kitchen where it's nice & warm...

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March 14th and those few days of the 70's a few weeks ago are sure being missed.
Have no use for sleet and freezing rain since it's hard to walk on without slipping.



I'm too old for this crap!

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March 18th, 5 days later and it's almost gone!!



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End of March, mid 60's  and hopefully all of the snow and ice is gone....

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The middle of May and it's sure getting noisy around here...
I do believe it has something to do with all of these crunchy snacks walking around in the grass!



May 22nd 2017
Today is my 12th Birthday !!!


It's June 12th and I'm upset because I didn't get any breakfast this morning...
Since my breath has gotten bad again and I keep air licking Mom & Dad scheduled a Vet appointment today to see if I need any more teeth pulled.... 
Geeze, I already lost 10 !

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I just got an exam, got to leave and I was excited, until I heard I have to go back this Friday for another dental cleaning and most likely come home with fewer teeth again...  What a drag!!

June 16th, had another dental cleaning and only had one tooth pulled this time and I was home by noon.
Doctor Anderson said I will need to have a cleaning done at least twice a year..


Jack has a Doctor appointment today, July 11th to check out a lump on his throat jaw area.. 
So this morning in the office I roll out of bed onto the floor and start kicking and look like a zombie for awhile.
That freaked out Dad and even though I was fine after a few minutes I will be joining Jack at the vet's office this morning.
    Mom's coming home from work early to help out and take Jinx so he's not home alone.

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I had x-rays and it turns out I have fluid built up on my lungs with a heart murmur and sent home with a bunch of pills.
I have to go back in a week to get my bp checked and another chest xray to see if fluid is reduced.  I do feel better!!

Jack had x-rays and had fluid taken from the lump that has to be sent off for analysis and came back as not cancer and also sent home with a bunch of meds.  

Let the healing begin especially with Dad's Visa Card!

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~ July 25th 2017 ~

It's with deep sadness we had to say good bye to our beloved Pip Pip today.

In addition to his heart problems we took him in to see Doctor Anderson to find out why he was not eating, looked so sad  and seemed to be in distress.  It was determined all of  his vital organs were shutting down so we decided to not have him suffer.   Jinx and Jack were with us as we said our good-byes and he is no longer in pain.
He was a wild and crazy boy and we were happy to have him in our lives.

( Pippin's Mom & Dad )

Pippin Loved To Nurse On His Blanket
He Didn't Like You To Stare At Him
Pippin Only Wanted Bones That Jack Had
He Always Added His Two Cents Whenever Possible

A Slideshow Of His Short Five Years With Us...


Pippin, The Little Red Dog


Linda and I started fostering Pippin in February 2012 and joined our family with Jinx and Jack.  He came with quite a bit of emotional baggage and some bad habits but he was just so darn cute… Linda fell in love with him immediately and so did I although wouldn't’t admit it.

He was a little spitfire racing through the house and jumping effortlessly up on the top of the couch. 
You could pet him a little up to a point, and then he would let you know “that’s enough”.

He did the typical Min Pin things playing with toys but his favorite thing was teasing Jack with bones.  There were a dozen Nylabones lying around but Pippin and Jack only wanted the bone the other had.  It was really funny watching them perform guard duty and making the other bark.

We took him to obedience class in July of 2012 and after a few tries he squeaked by with a passing grade.

We knew from the start that he was already at his forever home so in October 2012,  we officially adopted him into our family.  

He enjoyed playing with other foster Min Pins as they came and went and always let them know he was in charge no matter what size they were.

Pippin had his share of dental, eye, back and neck issues but we managed to keep him healthy.

Linda had her hands full trying to keep him from pulling up her Hosta plants.  He figured out if he brings a big leaf to her and gives it up, he gets one of her homemade biscuits.  Problem was he really liked getting that treat and there were lots of Hostas.  Same goes with any veggies trying to grow that he could carry off in his mouth.
These antics were annoying at times but still got us to laugh.

He loved to take charge in the house and making his “mark”, exploring the backyard, keeping us all in line and just enjoying   life to the fullest.

As the years went by his little body was being stressed from years of steroids, so many other medications and frequent dental procedures.  We could see him looking so much older than his 12 years after that last dental in June of 2017.  He looked worn out, was trembling quite a bit  and lost most of his feisty behavior. When he stopped showing up for a little piece of my morning bagel I knew he was not doing well.

On July 11th Jack had a doctor appointment that afternoon to investigate the lump that appeared on his neck.  In the office I saw Pippin roll out of his bed onto the floor and he was out of it for a few seconds so he also went to see Doctor Anderson that day.  Turns out he had congestive heart failure and after two weeks of meds we thought it was under control but sadly that was not the case.

On July 25th  Pippin and Jack had follow up appointments that afternoon.  Pippin was having serious problems. He wouldn't’t eat and was going off in different places of the house to hide.   We knew immediately Pippin’s health was in jeopardy by the look on Doctor Anderson’s face and that sigh when he walked into the exam room with his blood test. All of our poor little boy’s vital organs were failing. We could have ordered a bunch of procedures that would only slightly prolong the inevitable but choose not to put him through any more ordeals and make him miserable.   Since Jinx came along for the ride  the whole family was there so we made that gut wrenching decision to let our little boy be pain free.   We kissed him, told him we loved him and said out good-byes as he drifted away from this world. 

We always know when one of these beautiful souls enters our lives that we will someday have to say goodbye,
but the joy and memories they bring outweighs the heartache.


Pippin was a special little boy and the memories of him will forever be in our hearts



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