Pippin   "The little Red Dog"


DOB  May 22, 2005

Adopted October 28, 2012
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

  Year 2014  Year 2013   First Year 2012

My Buddy Jinx  &   Jack




January 6th ~ A  New Year and a little snow but with a whole bunch of COLD !!!
I think my eye is slowly getting back to normal with still a little squinting...


Well it's the end of January and my eye is finally feeling good.
Now there's a new foster in the house, Rose.  Great, another bossy female!

She's only two so I need to teach her that little guys aren't a push over..


She didn't realize how much spunk I had.


That's right, you better be scared!!!


Alright, that's enough of the ruff housing, now she knows!!

February 17th >  I normally don't like snow but the 5 inches we got President's Day at night, got me out of having my teeth cleaned today.
Dad rescheduled it for March 6th...  Still don't like snow so much!


Darn it, more snow on February 21st and I've had enough!!

I am happy today,  February 23rd because I've been at my new home  3 years!!



Well, this last snow storm was a day early to get me out of having my teeth cleaned on Friday March 6th.
Can't say it was much fun especially having a tooth pulled but I hear my breath doesn't smell like road kill any more!

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20150405_093823.jpg (107540 bytes)


Nice to look outside to see and feel the warmth of Spring coming, and no more SNOW!!!

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Time to check out all of the new young plants to munch on...

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May 10th ~ Starting to forget about snow & cold weather!!

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Ahh, Summer right around the corner..
Hey is that hamburger I smell cooking on the grill ??

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Well the 4th of July is over and I really need to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts!

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So many things to explore in the yard but I always stop to let Dad take my picture
since I'm just so handsome!

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Yeah it's nice outside, but so is laying around inside with the air conditioning running...

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July 22, 2015  Dad's been wondering why I'm so grumpy lately and attack his hand when he tries to pet me. Since I can't talk, this morning when Dad was trying to take my belly band off I screamed like I was being strangled.   It was loud and long enough to scare him and freak Jinx and Jack out...

My neck and back are bothering me again.  We went through this almost two years ago also while dealing with an eye ulcer. The steroids helped but made my eye worse.   Not interested in acupuncture again since it really didn't help.  We'll see if time and a bunch of more vet bills helps!!


pippin72315.jpg (49599 bytes)

When ever I'm not feeling well I always hide in a corner or under a table.
Feeling a little better after a day of steroids but no way near 100%.


Well it's Friday and feel worse and sitting at the door wanting to go see the Doctor. Dad has he Doctor's personal phone number and he said to bring me in asap to see what's wrong especially with the weekend coming.  Today is the Doctor's day off but he's still coming into the hospital to find out what's bothering me.. We're so lucky to know Doctor Anderson at Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital!

Spent the morning at the hospital.  They said it's my neck that hurts, Duh... Rather than sedate me for x-rays that may not show anything of value I got two shots of some pretty powerful pain killers and Dad & Mom brought me home with more drugs.

20150724_160955.jpg (63258 bytes)

It's 4:30PM and have been loopy, standing over 6 hours straight and almost falling down from all of the meds but I can't lay down and relax.   A week later and my meds were increased and now my right eye is starting to bother me.
I just can't catch a break !


This is how I act when my neck hurts real bad...

20150728_080222.jpg (107654 bytes)


Guess I'm not the only old dog with problems here...
Jinx got up early this morning and had trouble walking and crashed out in the dining room floor.  After about ten minutes Mom helped him to his feet and has been fine ever since.  Who knows, just something else for Mom & Dad to worry about!


August 5th and I'm starting to feel like my "old" self again...
Nice to be able to rest and not be hurting so bad..  My meds are being reduced in the next few weeks!

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Yup, I am feeling better since I caught me a little bunny rabbit..
He was squeaking and kicking but I must not have that killer instinct because he got away.
Hope all of this activity doesn't make my neck start hurting again...

20150806_135829.jpg (224787 bytes)


I thought I heard him say  "Hands up ~ Don't chew!"

pippin80615b.jpg (143865 bytes)


Well, my meds are being decreased again for another week and steroids removed. Maybe all will be eliminated soon.
Neck seems to be almost back to normal although my eyes are getting squinty again.


Saturday August 8th and we have a new house guest for a few weeks.
Tyler, who I used to live with and haven't seen for almost 4 years.  He's like 14, can't see or hear hardly at all and has to be covered because he wants to mark all of the places in the house that us boys did a number on.  The bed is too high so he needs to be lifted on and off since he can't figure out our ramp.  Tyler is slowly figuring out out house layout but hasn't gotten used to the feeding schedule and not having his food out through out the day as we would eat it for him.  That may be the reason his tummy isn't right and that noisy carpet scrubber has been getting a good workout.
He follows Dad everywhere all the time even into the bathroom.

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August 24th and Tyler went back home.  I thought my neck and back was normal again until I had my nails trimmed on the 25th. Dad should have waited until I had enough tranquilizer working because I fought it too much and now I'm hurting again.  So, back to more meds to try and get me back to being some what pain free again.
I'm too old for the surgery that may or may not be 100%...

Before all of my meds could be totally eliminated, on the 16th my neck  started to hurt again.  Looks like I will be on at least a daily dosage of steroids for the rest of my life.. It is what it is and still a good day to rest on Dad's pillow!

20150912_080753.jpg (95412 bytes)

September is almost over and Summer is gone..   I'm finally on a small med dosage schedule that has kept me pain free. Mom & Dad are now allowed to pet me and give belly rubs without me going off on them.   Strange thing is my normally floppy ears are standing straight up most of the time???

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Middle of October and it's getting cold outside and nothing to do but sit around while football is on the TV

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20151007_181436SM.jpg (82279 bytes)


Dad never passes up a chance to take my picture since I'm just so cute!!


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October 24th ~ Dad bought us lucky dogs ~ New plush beds !

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October 28th 2015
Officially Adopted 3 Years Ago Today!

Yeah Baby!

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Can't believe it's the middle of November already.   I'm the only dog here that doesn't mind getting a bath...

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