Jinx   The Wild  Dog

CKC     DOB:  12/08/04
DAM:  Sheila's Miss Abby       SIRE:  Spike Little Man Of Steel

Adopted September 28, 2008
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service


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My Buddy Jack      My Buddy Pippin


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January 4th and we got a couple of inches of snow which wasn't too bad except it came with 30+ mph winds...
The recent single digit temps have been way too cold this winter !

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But it doesn't really matter too much once I get in my sunbeam zone!!

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January 17th 2018   Woke up this morning to an inch of snow on the ground, oh boy !
Guess it's better than a foot or a bunch of ice...

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January is almost over and the days are staying lighter longer and some are much warmer...

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Nothing wrong with relaxing inside though!

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I remember DAD saying after Pippin passed away six months ago that no "male" foster dogs allowed. A few females came through here recently but they didn't need a bunch of pee pads everywhere. February 2nd, DAD just had to save this six month old red boy Min Pin from the scammers & flippers on Craigslist that was advertised as "free to good home" His owner was elderly and had no idea how much of a handful a puppy like us was.
He's getting his "hanging fruit" removed next week so maybe that will calm him down some!!

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March 7th 2018   Hard to believe Daylight Savings Time is just four days away...

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Oh Boy...  March 21st... First full day of Spring !!!
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We ended up with almost five inches of snow when it was finally finished...

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Caesar is supposed to be adopted this Sunday March 25th and will be living in South Carolina, Lucky Dog!



It's the last week in April and it's starting to warm up, finally...
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May 25th Jack and I got our bloodwork done and Jack may have some issues that could become serious with something called Cushings.  I just had some values that showed my diet needs to be looked at.  I eat good food, fruits and plenty of veggies so I think the test is out of wack...  We'll see but in the meantime I will enjoy the nice weather that's here!

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Well another trip to the vet on June 6th for a check up this time.  I still have a heart murmur that hasn't changed and since it's not making a difference in my every day activities it's no big deal.  I do need to start vitamin supplements to get more iron in my blood.  My teeth need a cleaning but not bad enough to risk being under the gas with my heart murmur.
Not too bad for an old 13-1/2 year old boy!



First of July is here and boy is it getting hot outside in the 90's No big deal because I can enjoy the cool air inside!

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Sunday July 15th 2018
It's a nice cool cloudy morning before the 90+ heat arrives later so my nice Dad snuck me out of the house for a short walk while Jack was sleeping.   Jack doesn't get around very well because his spine and back legs don't communicate with each other.

We didn't go that far since my legs aren't the greatest either
but it was sure nice to check out the neighborhood for a change.
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July 16th Mom & Dad both were off work and they started the day tossing out the leather sofa from the living room.  It did have some serious "hits" from us boys over the years so out it went.

Then they rented a carpet cleaner and moved just about everything out of the living & dining room so we're stuck in the kitchen until it dries. 

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Saturday July 21st 2018
Miserable rainy day and Mom & Dad drove to Potomac MD to pick up a Lazy Boy recliner.
The weather won't stop Dad from getting a deal off Craigslist.   Almost brand new and negotiated down to $40 bucks!!

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August has arrived and the weather keeps going from   weeks of rain then a few of heat and dry..
Been watching my buddy Jack having problems walking which is getting worse as time goes by.  He keeps going to the vet for injections hoping they along with meds will help keep him comfortable even though there is no magic cure.  That's the thing about pet parents, they will do whatever it takes to keep us healthy, happy and would never have us suffer.



Saturday August11th...  Just kicking back in the AC while it's really hot outside... 
Mom & Dad are dealing with Jack's back and mobility issues.  Jack's medicine arrived today so Dad can give the twice a week injections that hopefully start working better soon because the first five haven't gotten much improvement.  Dad took me for a short walk while Jack was sleeping, something he does allot of any more.  It was nice to get out of the house and check out the neighborhood.  I do feel sorry for Jack since he used to be a speed demon through the yard...  I can tell it looks like he's just about had enough of the falling down all the time.

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Dad was nice enough to lay a piece of carpet in the bathroom so I can hang out....

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Been watching Dad carry Jack outside and back in again sometimes???
I don't recall getting that same service!

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But, Jack can no longer follow me out into the yard like he used to...  Tough getting old !!!
I run alone now

Guess I have a perk that means more to me than getting carried around...

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August 20th, a cloudy cooler morning for a change and since Jack was sleeping,  Dad took me for a walk around the block.  He doesn't have the best back and legs either but he knows how much I like to check out the neighborhood and check messages at the light poles.  Jack can't go for walks any more so Dad feels the need to sneak out so he doesn't get jealous.

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Two weeks into September and I'm starting to see the daylight fade early which is a drag. 
Wish I was able to jump over this fence and sneak some cherry tomatoes like back in the day!

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Oh well, guess I can still dream about my younger days

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September 28th 2018
Celebrating Being Adopted 10 Years Ago Today!

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First week of October and we're getting a preview of cooler weather to come but it still feels like Summer so far.    Better enjoy these nice days while they're here!!

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Thanksgiving is only a few days away and the warm weather is nowhere to be found.  That's ok because I have no problem enjoying a warm blanket or lap to snooze on and YES, this definitely my spot!

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This year has been flying by and it's already December 8th 2018
Today I'm 14 years old !


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