Jinx   The Wild  Dog

CKC     DOB:  12/08/04
DAM:  Sheila's Miss Abby       SIRE:  Spike Little Man Of Steel



Adopted September 28, 2008
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service


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The new year has started out with way too much cold and snow.

Although I don't mind running through the snowy backyard
I would rather be warm and comfy in my bed inside!

Doesn't matter what the weather as long as I can kick back & relax!



Just chillin with my Daddy!!



March 17th St Patrick's Day
Another 7 inch snow storm like the one two weeks ago and it's hard to believe Spring is 3 days away.



It's all good when there's a warm lap to lay on...


Easter Weekend and it finally feels like ~ Spring...
I Can't Believe It !


Well, Summer is right around the corner and I've been off steroids for a month because I have an enlarged heart with a murmur.  Mom & Dad now have me on a different drug for my itchy skin named (Atopica). 
I sure hope it kicks in soon because this scratching is getting old fast.



Watching Dad clean the patio window glass (my canvas) so I can add some new nose art!!

Well so much for Atopica.   Now it's Apoquel for most of July but in August I had to cut the dosage in half
and now I'm starting to scratch again...


It may be a tad hot but it sure beats snow...


I smell a bunny.......


In the middle of July Mom & Dad pulled another Min Pin from the shelter to foster and find her a new home.
Fiona's a Big Girl and keeps getting in my "spots"...



I love "my" lounge chair



OK, it's not "my" lounge chair but still nice no matter who gets here first!


There's never a bad place to take it easy!


Kicking back with Dad.........


Labor Day has come and gone... Not wanting to see and feel Summer go!



Fall will be here next week..  Enjoying this beautiful weather for now!



It sure feels a little drafty in here...


Time to enjoy the warmth that's still here at the end of October!!





Almost Thanksgiving and Dad decided to drag his photo gear out of the closet..
He and Mom couldn't get all three of to sit still together this time!


jinx112314-Img_0254sm.jpg (43358 bytes)


December 8th 2014
Whoo Hoo ~ I'm 10 Years Young Today!

Dad made a short YouTube slide show with some of his favorite pictures of me..

Check it out  HERE !

Christmas this year was different...  Dad decided to wrap all of our toys in one big package instead of individual ones.


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