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DOB  August 7, 2011


Fostered August 7, 2019 ~ Adopted November 14, 2019
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service


Lady 1st Year 2019            My Home Girl  Piper



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Not much of a bang starting the New Year off... 
Dad & Mom didn't stay up late so it was just another night.  Guess that's the way it is when you get older!

What strange weather...  We've been having some nice days in the 50's and today, January 8th we wake up to snow?  I don't mind it that much especially since it's supposed to be in the high 60's this weekend..

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It's going to take way more snow than this to keep me from enjoying my backyard!

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January 10, 2020  My older room mate Jinx, since I came here in August wasn't in the best of shape with his back and legs.  He did however try his best to keep up but, as the months went on I could tell his framework was getting weaker.  After the first of the year he was mostly walking, started limping and eventually Dad & Mom were carrying him outside to take care of business.  Today they learned his meds would never be enough to help him be pain free so they took him this morning to see Doctor Anderson to be set free of any more hurt...   It's different in here now without him.. It was his home for eleven years when we came here to live and he made me feel welcome and I will always remember him

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Dad says this is not lady like but   "Lady"  is my name, not my game!

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I must always watch Dad eat while at his desk so he won't have to clean up anything that might hit the floor !

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After exploring the toy box further, these green bones are okay.
Of course everything is good when there's a sun beam around!

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We don't mind sharing the sunlight!

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January 31, 2020   Dad rolled up and tossed out all of the area rugs in the kitchen since Jinx has passed on and Piper and I have no problems walking on the hard surface.  While he was scrubbing the floor I decided to take advantage of the pile of beds and rest until it dried.

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What can I say, this is my default position...

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February 3rd, 2020  The temperature got up to the mid 60's and Dad decided to run the lawn mower to vacuum up some leaves.  That made it a little messy for me when I decided to roll in something that smelled really interesting...

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Watch how I enjoy these warm sunny Winter days >>>  HERE



February 17th, Presidents Day...    Dad decided to drag his old flash photo equipment out of the closet to takes some pictures of us girls.  He posted some of the results on Facebook.  Piper got more likes but that's not a big deal!

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One more week left in February and today was a little chilly being 39 instead of those nicer 50 degree days.  The cold weather still doesn't stop me from enjoying  Mr.Sunshine.

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I'm not saying I don't like being inside, especially when I can be in my favorite position!!

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Dad set the couch up with two "pup" tents for us to crawl into and hibernate!

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First day of March 2020. 
A little cold outside this afternoon so might as well enjoy the warmth of that orange ball for a while!

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This was a rare moment when I got to lay on Dad's lap, only because Piper didn't know it...
She's so jealous and thinks she owns him...

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March 9th 2020  What a beautiful 75 degree day outside today...
Mom & Dad were doing some Spring clean up and I was in total explore mode!\

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Seems like on Friday the 13th all hell broke loose in our area because everyone in the US is concerned about that Corona Virus.  I heard Dad & Mom talking and it does sound scary with everything shutting down, people getting sick and dying. 



Middle of April and Mom is busy sewing masks so they can go out in public since all of the Covid19 crap is still going on...  That does not stop me from going out into the backyard and getting my sunbeam fix!

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April 29th ~ Beautiful weather to be what Dad is calling me a "Bird Dog"....
I ate three baby birds today and it's driving him crazy that he can't figure out where I'm getting them from and I'm not about to show him either.  I would have eaten four but he got me to drop it.  Oh yeah, they taste like chicken!


Time is sure moving fast, it's the 17th of May already and the weather is really getting warm.  If I had my way I would only come inside to eat and get treats.  Dad thought that flimsy fence he patched would keep me from getting into the compost area but he under estimated my digging ability.. 
The getting in wasn't too hard but getting out seems to be a problem...

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There are advantages to being inside though!

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Wow, the month of June flew by and I really do like getting out in the yard catching some rays,  even when it's super hot!

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Those darn chipmunks are just too fast !

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Middle of July and there's a fat ground hog in the back yard that's living under the shed.  He's not that fast but just fast enough to get away before I can catch it.  Not sure if I really want to get in a brawl with it anyway.   Mom and Dad are getting pissed because Piper and I try to blast through the glass on the back door when it's in view...

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The temps lately have been in the 90's and today the 18th of July it's 97
but it's nice in here with the ac on and laying under a ceiling fan at nap time with Dad!

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August 7th 2020
Celebrating One Year Living with Linda & Jimmy  (aka Mom & Dad)
We will also be celebrating my Birthday on this day from now on since no one knows for sure when it is.
9 Years old !


That pizza smells so good especially because it has BACON on it
but it's one of Mom & Dad's dinner foods we aren't allowed to have...
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October 5, 2020  This morning   was weird since we didn't get any breakfast.  Piper had her harness on and around 7:30 Dad took her to the vet.  Turns out she had a dental appointment along with bloodwork and a rabies shot.  I got to eat when he came home after dropping her off.  She came home this evening looking tired and hungry.  I heard she had six teeth pulled which may account for the bad breath she had.  I heard Dad talking about making an appointment for me next...  Yikes!!


Well, my time for a dental came a week after Piper's.   Today, October 12th I was dropped off at Waugh Chapel at 8:45am.  The schedule was packed so I had to wait around to almost 5PM to get my teeth worked on.   Luckily I didn't need any pulled but we didn't get out of there until almost 8PM..   A long twelve hour day and I'm still a little wobbly...
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October 18th  Almost a week after the dental cleaning and
it's all good but I would rather not go through that any time soon...

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Wow, November is here already...  Dad decided to dump the toy box out to see if I would be interested in playing with anything but I've out grown all that.  I would rather be outside running through the flower beds hunting!

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