J A C K      The Hyper Dog

CKC   DOB: 09/15/2004

DAM: Little Katie Bean        SIRE: Triple M's Tiny TJ

Adopted  July 24, 2009
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

I came to Linda & Jimmy as a foster dog on July 10, 2009.
I was such a good boy and got along with Jinx so well they  just HAD to adopt me themselves...
Like most foster dogs I came with some emotional baggage and issues but after a while
I got with the program and settled in to my forever home! 

I will always love and  remember my first family and realize life can be complicated
but my happiness was the most important thing they wanted and I can still be in their hearts and memories

How could you not want to adopt someone who's this handsome?


I can walk around pretty far on two legs...
My New Dad Calls Me The "Hyper Dog"  Because I'm Always In Motion

When I see my leash, I spin in circles and make noises that sound like a wild chimpanzee!


Jinx has a ton of toys and he's nice enough to share.
I  play with toys 24/7 and tear the stuffing out of the plush toys faster then my Daddy can sew them up!

There's nothing like a good tug-of-war!


Wow, what a nice backyard to play in and BIG neighbors!

Always some good eats here...
I really love my new holistic
Artemis Fresh Mix food!


There's always something interesting in the yard.  I know there's something under the shed...

Jinx and I take turns chasing each other around the house, really fast and it seems to amuse Mom & Dad.
I just love chasing the red beam of a laser pointer across the floor and will bark at it and will do it until my Dad gets tired... 
Jinx doesn't seem to be interested but it doesn't take much to get me moving!


I've been at my new home a month now and I'm loving it!

Ahhh, The DOG Days Of Summer Are Winding Down...


I act like I'm sleeping, but always alert!

I've been at my new home a little over two months now and really starting to settle in.
My Dad shot a bb at a bunny to scare it off yesterday and it ran behind the shed.   Little did he know he actually killed it to his surprise when I
came fom behind the shed with it in my mouth... Jinx and my Dad were both trying to get it from me and Dad finally got it away.
I was cool having found it but it wasn't the same as actually catching it myself !

Today is October 10th and my Dad has spotted a few dozen holes in the backyard.
I gave him that cute little innocent look with the head tilt but he's on to me.
Was hoping he thought it was gophers but he's not gonna buy that!
Since he can't be sure if Jinx was involved also I have to be carefull and not get caught in the act!


Did I mention I love to roll around in something that smells great?

    October 22, 2009    

My nice Daddy made Jinx & me a new food & water bowl holder!

November 2, 2009
Someone came to the door and I ran past my Mom out the door...
It wasn't an ordeal like when Jinx did that on his second day here.  I just went next door to see if their two cats were outside.
Luckily for Mom the next door neighbor opened her door and I went inside where I was caught...
She thought she was going to be running after me in the dark but lucked out, this time!

November 8, 2009  Jinx and I were let outside this morning at 5am and there was a rabbit outside that picked the wrong yard to visit.  We chased him down like pack animals and caught it.  Dad & Mom wouldn't let us eat it but at least we got credit for the kill...  Rabbits are quick but Min Pins are quicker!!


A typical Sunday Morning!

I like to stay wrapped up in my work... 


Handsome Little Devil Aren't I ?


November 29, 2009.  My Dad took some of his old photo gear
out of the closet and decided to practice today!

December 5th, 1st snow at my new house.
I don't like getting my feet wet and this stuff is really the pits!

Went to see Santa today December 6th!!!!

Why do humans think we care about dressing up?


Well, here we go again with the snow...
December 19, 2009  We got almost 20 inches and "this" snow was no fun at all to play in!



Christmas 2009  At My New Home!




December 27th.  We all took a road trip to Easton Maryland to visit Mommy's sister Sharon.
It was my first day trip and was pretty cool driving across the Bay Bridge.
I think it wasn't cool to pee on Sharon's leg during dinner, oops!

Loved the big low windows 


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