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DOB  August 7, 2011


Fostered August 7, 2019 ~ Adopted November 14, 2019
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service


Lady 2020        Lady 1st Year 2019      

      My Home Girls      Piper  &  Aries



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Yup, another year and it's no big deal!

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Got a little snow February 2nd but you can't see me because I'm on a mission to find varmints...

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Since Piper is in her usual under the covers I snuck up on Dad's lap
without her knowing since she thinks she owns him!

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February 18th 2021  Another round of wet weather but this time about an inch of sleet.
Mom put a tarp out to save a patch of ground for us to take care of business but as usual the weather man was wrong about getting a bunch of snow and that's ok by me...

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This is how I like to be...

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March 4, 2021   Let the excitement begin...
Dad saw a 1-1/2 year old female Min Pin on Craigslist and talked the owner into turning her over to the IMPS rescue that  Mon & Dad volunteer with.  Advertising young dogs for not much money is not a good idea because people get the dogs and breed them over and over to make money or use them as bait dogs to train fighting dogs.   She was not used to this much freedom and toys since she is running through the house at 100mph.  She will settle down eventually since we aren't into that much rough play...

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Mom & Dad adopted Aries today, April 4, 2021


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Alright, I'll admit it, getting a belly rub is what I  "really"  like...

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I'd rather sleep on the crate, not inside it!


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Dad will be glad when the grass greens up more so I don't bring my mess inside!


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It's warming up fast and the backyard is starting to wake up from its Winter nap...


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Middle of May and it's really nice outside to lay in the sun in my "go to" spot!

Then, all the noise started out here..  The Cicadas are waking up from their 17 year nap.  Those things are everywhere and it's driving Dad crazy because they are just so tasty and like chips, can't eat just one!

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Listen to what our backyard sounds like  HERE


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Aries thinks all of these toys and bones are hers because Piper and I don't use them much but,
she's not brave enough to try and take anything away!


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If I'm not outside eating a cicada, I'm chillin inside with the AC...


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August 7, 2021   Today is my 2 year Anniversary with Linda & Jimmy  (aka Mom & Dad)
It's also the day I celebrate my Birthday @ 10 years young.



It's super hot outside but it's really nice laying under a ceiling fan with the AC blasting !

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I guess Mom was tired of us girls being under her feet while getting dinner ready!

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October is almost gone and we are starting to get some really nice weather. 
Piper and I got our yearly check ups recently and received a clean bill of health.

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November is just about gone and getting cold and dark early is the pits... But, it's all god under here

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I sure can strike a pose can't I ?

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December 6, 2921   Mom & Dad went to the shelter to jail break these senior Chi's
They will be with us over night until Mom takes them to Brian in Culpepper VA where they will be transported to
Buddy & Friends Senior Sanctuary to live out their lives...

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No reason to get too close and get trampled!

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I rarely get a chance to chew on a bone and Aries just has to wait me out...

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Well. 2021 is just about over and who knows what 2022 is going to be like
so I'll just wait in my couch cave and see what happens!

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