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DOB  August 7, 2011


Fostered August 7, 2019 ~ Adopted November 14, 2019
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service


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      My Home Girls      Piper  &  Aries



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January 3rd, the new year is just getting started and we get 11 inches of wet snow.
The day before I was chilling out in the grass enjoying 63 degrees..

Mom stays busy keeping our path open!

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January 7th Friday we got another round of snow early in the morning.
It was only three inches this time but that's about enough of this for one week!

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Finally, Mr Sunshine is getting our yard back!

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Spoke too soon... January 16th Sunday night
we got a few inches of snow with sleet, freezing rain and finally rain!

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Enough of this wet Winter mess outside, it's time for some under cover work!

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January 29th 2022  Here we go again with the snow.  Just a few inches this time.

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February 25th  Mom & Dad brought home Zoey for us to foster and find her a new home.
She's a big girl but still can run through the house with us...

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We've had some really nice weather over the last couple of weeks with some 60's and even a 78 degree day.
But, on Saturday March 12th, it was super windy, cold and got a little snow and cold the next day too!!

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Who cares about the cold  when I can lay in my cozy couch tent!

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April 3rd, 2022 ~ Zoey was adopted by a nice family in Baltimore, MD


The weather is really starting to warm up with some HOT days
as April is winding down...

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Dad is not liking me bringing the grass inside but it feels too good not to roll in it!

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I wish Aries would quit chewing holes in our blankets trying to get her bones un-stuck!

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Dad finally found the time to update some of our pictures ~ Summer just officially started last week!

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Nothing like fresh warm laundry!



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This is my all year long enjoyable pass time ~ Enjoying the rays of Mr Sunshine!


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July 28th ~ This chipmunk thought he was so fast, but not today...
Dad saw it in my mouth and wouldn't let me eat it but I didn't give it up right away. Eventually I lost my grip and he snatched it away. He said I looked like one of those animals on wild kingdom with blood on my face after a kill!

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August 7, 2022 ~ Celebrating Three Years At Our New And Last Home!



Wow, it's October already and not much has been happening...

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Today is October 25th and it seems I have another UTI again. 
I had one last year and Dad took my pee sample to the vet to check it out and get a supply of antibiotics.
However, this time the doctor said he saw something different and wants to give me an ultra sound and xray.

Mom & Day are waiting the three weeks to see if the meds clear it up first!

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Thankfully the meds did their magic and my UTI has cleared up..
The New Year is right around the corner...






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