J A C K      The Hyper Dog

CKC   DOB: 09/15/2004

DAM: Little Katie Bean        SIRE: Triple M's Tiny TJ

Adopted  July 24, 2009
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

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January 6th was our first snowfall for the New Year.   It was only a few inches but the temps for the next week is supposed to be below freezing...



That new foster girl <Rose> needs to leave my toys alone...
They're mine, ALL mine!!


  Bad enough with the bitter cold and 40mph winds lately now, The evening of President's Day we got more of this white crap.


Yesterday it was 40 degrees and I'm thinking Spring can't be too far away, then today
March 5th  more of this white crap...

jack030515-0579sm.jpg (83405 bytes)

I don't think this camo is working...

jack31015B.jpg (76910 bytes)


20150405_100435.jpg (76301 bytes)


Life is good, especially in a sunbeam!

jack31815b.jpg (158821 bytes)


Middle of April and the weather is getting soooo nice!!

jack42015-0657.jpg (95799 bytes)

jack42015-0666.jpg (72317 bytes)

And yes, another excuse to bark at absolutely nothing out here!

jack42015-0663.jpg (55411 bytes)


Ahhh, May is here and so is the nice warm weather, finally!!

jack51015-0706.jpg (128210 bytes)


jack51015-0718sm.jpg (113759 bytes)



Dad bought a 20 pack of replacement squeakers to repair a bunch of our toys...
He sure goes through allot of work that doesn't last long!

jack60215-0743.jpg (159748 bytes)




Can't believe it's the 4th of July already....
Enjoying the warm weather hanging with DAD!

20150610_200955light.jpg (56084 bytes)


~  July 10th 2015   ~
Adopted Six Years Ago!

Dad tries so hard to get pictures of me but I'm just too fast and always on a mission...

jack71215-0912.jpg (137017 bytes)

Yeah, so that's just how I roll!!

jack71215-0906.jpg (115224 bytes)

jack71715-0932.jpg (180343 bytes)



When I'm given something to eat I'm not sure about   like this strawberry,
even though I don't want it, I'll guard it until it rots before anyone else can have it!

20150713_143705.jpg (87217 bytes)



Another day starting, July's almost over, so many squirrels, so little time!

20150729_064324.jpg (140371 bytes)


Well the DOG days of August start today...  Mom & Dad are dealing with Pippin's neck hurting again for a week and now  Jinx had some sort of problem early this morning and crashed in the dining room because he couldn't walk straight...  I'm the oldest but seem to be in the best shape.  Just lucky I guess!



August 8th and we are watching Tyler for a few weeks who Pippin used to live with almost 4 years ago.  He is slowly getting used to our place since he can't see or hear very well.  He's having to be covered so he can't re-mark all of the places here that us bad boys bombed over the year..

tyler-0985.jpg (82572 bytes)



Wow, it's been awhile since I did this...  I feel better now!

20150825_130151.jpg (118549 bytes)



I always have the BEST bone in the house...
Click picture to watch on Youtube
bone-video.jpg (20590 bytes)



Tuesday, September 15th 2015
Today's my 11th Birthday!

happy-birthday-animated-dog-graphic.jpg (13617 bytes)


20150912_091657.jpg (116614 bytes)


Dad surprised me with a  just the two of us  walk on a really nice afternoon.
Also a special trip to PetSmart and got a new toy!

jack91515.jpg (140751 bytes)

Sadly Summer has left and there's a little cool breeze in the air.....

jack92615-0998.jpg (77081 bytes)


jack92615-0999.jpg (65382 bytes)


On a rainy afternoon, this is as good as it gets!

20151001_145030.jpg (87769 bytes)


Middle of October and it feels like all of that nice warm weather is almost gone.   Another lazy Sunday afternoon to at least feel the warmth of the sun through the window while I keep an eye on the backyard since I'm on squirrel alert at all times...

jack101915-1062.jpg (79845 bytes)

It's a tough job but Jinx and Pippin are kicked back in the living room so someone has to do it!

jack101915-1054.jpg (86865 bytes)


Alright, maybe I do get a little tired and have to take a break now and then...

jacl101915-1045sm.jpg (80265 bytes)


jack101915-1063.jpg (81511 bytes)

October 24th ~ Dad bought us lucky dogs ~ New plush beds !

20151025_113138.jpg (82741 bytes)

Middle of November, it's starting to get COLD and NOW I get a bath???

jack111115-1093.jpg (124168 bytes)



jack111115-1094.jpg (99398 bytes)




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