J A C K      The Hyper Dog

CKC   DOB: 09/15/2004

DAM: Little Katie Bean        SIRE: Triple M's Tiny TJ

Came as a foster July 10th 2009 ~ Adopted  July 24, 2009
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

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2017 came in and I didn't even notice...
Tough getting old and not hearing like I used to...




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Our house guests Bella who once was a foster here, and her bff Carmin were visiting for the last two weeks and went home January 5th.
It is nice having our house get back to normal...




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January 7th 2017   Our first snow fall for the year was only a little over an inch but enough for me to avoid for as long as I can!



Since the snow was dry and not very deep, Dad used the leaf blower to make some paths
even though we don't always use them when we're excited...
A couple of quick videos   HERE   and  HERE


This Winter has been Great...  Almost the end of February and the weather has been nice & warm 60's - 70's

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This is my evening spot to relax...

jack22217-1577.jpg (158777 bytes)


Alright, it's also my morning spot as well, especially since the weather has dropped back into the 30'd today the 26th of February...

jack22617-1579.jpg (164314 bytes)



I thought Spring was here a few weeks ago when temps were in the 70'  but I was wrong...
Today March 14th, Dad wants to take pictures of me in the sleet and freezing rain that showed up last night...
Not too pleased about all of this cold!!!


31417-1626.jpg (186921 bytes)



After 5 days the snow will just not leave!!

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Really ???
31917-1635.jpg (157044 bytes)

Well, at least it was melted by noon...


Dad calls me the little  "Under Cover Agent"

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Even though my hearing isn't very good, life is good!
20170322_154818.jpg (104209 bytes)


Almost the end of March and some nice days in the high 60's to 70's, now we're talking !

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Did you say squirrel???

jack32917-1662.jpg (81440 bytes)

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The middle of May and it's sure getting noisy around here...
I do believe it has something to do with all of these weird things walking around in the grass!  No way will I mess with them but Jinx and Pippin seem to think they're tasty...



June's almost gone and the noisy 4th of July is next week. 
That's when this strange house guest EZRA will be going home.
Mom's been watching him here for about 6 days now and he's a strange dog..

I think he has a little mountain goat in his blood!!

20170624_140818.jpg (158462 bytes)


Mom & Dad have watched me struggle with my rear legs not being what they used to be back when I could spin around in circles and walk around on my hind legs.  Guess those days are long gone now.  Dad tried to improve on the little raised step we had going into the backyard.   As fancy as this is, I still hesitate trying to clear even one inch.  Dad & Mom also think it's mostly mental, and maybe they're right, maybe these are just senior moments!

20170826_112236.jpg (234763 bytes)

Today is July 10th 2017
Celebrating My 8 Year Anniversary of being adopted to my last home!

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Unfortunately Dad spotted a fairly large, hard lump on the right side of my neck and got worried so I'm headed to see Dr. Anderson tomorrow to have it checked out.
Dad's going to worry allot until he hears what it is...



So this morning July 11th in the office, Pippin rolls out of bed onto the floor, starts kicking and looked like a zombie for awhile.   That freaked  Dad out and even though he was fine after a few minutes he will be joining me at the vet's office this morning.    Mom's coming home from work early to help out and take Jinx along so he's not home alone.


I had x-rays taken, a blood test and had some fluid removed from the lump that has to be sent off for analysis and we're hoping it's not cancer. I was sent home with a bunch of meds.   Now that dreadful wait to hear the test results.


Pippin had x-rays taken also and it turns out he has fluid built up on his lungs with a heart murmur and also was sent home with a bunch of pills.


Let the healing begin especially with Dad's Visa Card!

Friday July 14th
Dad finally got the lab results of the fluid taken from the swollen lymph node in my neck..

~~~  NO  CANCER  ~~~

20170714_135319.jpg (176387 bytes)

Thought we could rest easy but July 19th just 5 days after all the meds the swelling has returned

20170716_200200sm.jpg (83155 bytes)

Dad took my picture this morning July 20th, he looks really upset!

jack72017-1813.jpg (59493 bytes)


Pippin and I went to the vet for a follow up visits.   Pippin's condition seems to have been stabilized.
Doctor Anderson gave me a shot of Depo Medrol and sent me home with more antibiotics.
This time it was Clavamox and it seems to be working at shrinking the lump and as of Sunday July 23rd, it's almost impossible to find and Mom & Dad are optimistic that it does not return.  Of course we don't know what caused it.   We have another re-check Tuesday July 25th so fingers crossed!


July 25th 2017
Doctor Anderson said my lump is gone and just a few more weeks of antibiotics to be safe but,
our trip to the vet today ended in sadness. Pippin was not feeling well at all, not eating and looking for places to hide because it turns out all of his vital organs were shutting down.  Mom & Dad didn't want him suffering. 
Since Jinx and I were also there, we and all of the hospital staff said our good-byes.
He was a wild and crazy little boy and was telling us his time was at end.

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July 28th 2017

Dad has the day off and we boys can tell he's hurting since he said goodbye to Pippin a few days ago   I see him stare with such sadness at the wall where his food bowl used to be and his empty favorite place to sleep in the living room.  He was laying on the living room floor yesterday afternoon loving on us and we never saw him cry before so we licked his tears and that made him feel better.  He wanted to get out of the house this morning and since we haven't been on a walk in a long time because our back legs aren't too strong,  Dad took us down the street and back and we all enjoyed that!

20170728_080120.jpg (216318 bytes)



What a way to spend a Sunday, closed in the kitchen while Mom & Dad clean the carpet.
Since Pippin has passed  he won't be taking the rap any longer for all of the pee "accidents"

20170730_084624sm.jpg (96084 bytes)



Mom has been cooking up rice and chicken then molds them into little balls with my many meds hidden inside which is the only way I will take them.  With a dash of yogurt I have a real feast.  Only one more week before the pills stop and I hope the trend continues !

20170731_171316.jpg (114148 bytes)

Well a new week started and no meds to take and whatever it was that made my neck swell on one side was taken care of by Doctor Anderson at Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital.  He threw a bunch of antibiotics at it along with steroids and hopefully that never happens again.  Now more than ever it's time to enjoy the little things in life!

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A month after these medical problems started and ended my stomach is bothering me.  I was eating grass and when I couldn't get to it I ate some of a pee pad that was on the floor.  Of course Dad freaked out when he saw that.   Saturday August 12th rolls around and Dad takes me to the vet for a quick check.   Not really fond of going in there so soon but other than checking my vitals, Dad was told to give me Pepcid and Pepto for my noisy stomach and wait and see. 
Plus my teeth need cleaning again ugh!


20170823_081748.jpg (243615 bytes)

Two weeks later I'm normal, whatever that is and my teeth cleaning is on hold.   Dad decided he didn't want me being under anesthesia unless it's absolutely necessary since I will be 13 next month and he wants to be careful.  He wants me to be able to get around better but there's not much to be done except more drugs and that's never a good thing. 
So we just go on and enjoy what we have....



September has just started and I'm not really looking forward to the cold weather that will be here soon...

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September 15, 2017
Today Is My 13th Birthday

With all of the medical issues I've been through lately, I'm happy to be here to celebrate!

91517BDAY.jpg (149568 bytes)


Dad took me for a short walk this afternoon since he knows I can't go that far but it was nice!!

20170915_132205.jpg (126501 bytes)



September 16th, Mom & Dad are fostering a 1-1/2 year old red girl named Lexi to find her a forever home.

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Hey, I know those guys !

jack100317.jpg (99126 bytes)



DAD knows I don't like getting my picture taken and I'm real good at turning away just in time
if he's using his slow old phone but I'm not fast enough to escape the "real" camera...

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October 23rd 2017
Lexi found her forever home last week and it was quiet in here once again but only for a little while.
Mom drove 8 hours today to bring home mother & daughter Min Pins from NC for fostering..
Jinx and I are getting too old for this stuff!!

102417-2073sm.jpg (109226 bytes) 102417-2067sm.jpg (63943 bytes)


You would think Dad would have learned by now how fast "young" Min Pins are after Roxie got out the front door last week but, you'd be wrong. Dad opened the front door to grab the mail and told Roxie and Rosie "back"  Two seconds later they were both out the front door running full speed down the street.   Dad had to get dressed, find shoes, two leashes and car keys to go look for them.   He caught Rosie first and brought her back then set off to find Roxie.  They didn't get too far but I heard Dad mumble       "I'm getting too old for this shit"

A couple of weeks into November and Roxie & Rosie are still here.
Enjoying the warmth of the big orange ball before it gets really cold out here.

jack110117-2111.jpg (166458 bytes)


It's nice to nap in my sunbeam with my favorite bone close by.

It's nice and quiet around here since Mom found all of the foster girls their new homes!

20171111_141105small.jpg (83356 bytes)



Saturday December 10th and we got our first snow of the season and
Winter's not even officially here for a few weeks...
20171210_074901.jpg (224557 bytes)

Here's a short video of our backyard after the snow and the nice paths Dad made for us since we're so Special!!



The New Year 2018 is just a few days away and we got a little dusting of snow over night, no big deal.
The house has been a little sadder since the end of July when Pippin's life ended but we march forward...