J A C K      The Hyper Dog

CKC   DOB: 09/15/2004

DAM: Little Katie Bean        SIRE: Triple M's Tiny TJ

Came as a foster July 10th 2009 ~ Adopted  July 24, 2009
From The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service

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January 4th and we got a couple of inches of snow which wasn't too bad except it came with 30+ mph winds...
The recent single digit temps have been way too cold this winter !


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January 17th 2018  We got about an inch of snow last night and I'm so looking forward to Spring!

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January is almost over and it's staying lighter longer each day and we even had some nice warm ones for a change.
Dad keeps trying to take my picture and he knows I can't get away fast enough when he uses that digital camera.

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If he's lucky enough to capture an image, he's going to see my grumpy side!!

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I remember DAD saying after Pippin passed away six months ago that no "male" foster dogs allowed. A few females came through here recently but they didn't need a bunch of pee pads everywhere. February 2nd, DAD just had to save this six month old red boy Min Pin from the scammers & flippers on Craigslist that was advertised as "free to good home" His owner was elderly and had no idea how much of a handful a puppy like us was.
He's getting his "hanging fruit" removed next week so maybe that will calm him down some!!

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March 7th 2018   Hard to believe Daylight Savings Time is just four days away...

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March 21st..  Official first full day of Spring...   What a bunch of crap!
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I have enough trouble walking as it is and I hate winter weather
as you can see HERE in a video Dad took today...


We ended up with almost five inches of snow when it was finally finished...

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Caesar is supposed to be adopted this Sunday the 25th and will be living in South Carolina, Lucky Dog!



It's the last week in April and it's starting to warm up, finally...
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I'm not a cat but I act like one sometimes!



Jinx and I got our bloodwork done May 25th and Jinx showed minor issues but mine showed some values to be concerned about.  There's a chance I could have something called Cushings but, further test have to be done first.
I feel bad for Dad's Visa card!

May 29 and this evening all of a sudden my rear legs and hips are the worst they have ever been.  It takes forever to get three feet and it's not in a straight line.  It's probably hip dysphasia and not good for a 13 year old..

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Dad put me back on my normal dosage of Steroids and I can now at least move from room to room and go potty outside without needing to be carried.  The benefits of the steroid use out weigh the risks at this point.  If I can move around to get things done, I'm happy..


Here's a short video clip from a month ago when I could move faster but was still dragging my rear legs some.

I heard Dad mention designing a set of wheels for me!


A trip to the vet on June 6th for a check up and it turns out my walking and balance problems is probably a spine issue rather than a hip problem.  Too old to do much about that other than meds.  My teeth need to be cleaned and since there's no problem with my heart it's going to be done in the near future.  It's doubtful I have cushings but more likely the blood test was fooled by the steroid use.  Doctor wants the amounts of drugs to be reduced to keep my tummy from getting upset.  That's tricky to do but must be done slowly..  Old dogs just keep on going!!


June 15th, and I didn't get any breakfast this morning???
Since my bloodwork and heart are in good enough condition, I'm getting my teeth cleaned.

Dad asked and got the Doctor and he to agreed to let me come into the office when it's close to my turn so I won't have to wait in a cage for hours "standing" since I can't relax in one and much better sitting on Dad's lap!  

  Had a couple of teeth pulled and hair plucked from inside my ears.
GLAD to be back home!


The first of July and I'm still not walking very smoothly but it is what it is...
Dad keeps trying to take my picture and I always turn away and it gets him pissed...   It's a game!!

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July 10th 2018
I came to Linda & Jimmy as a foster nine years ago.
They knew I was already at my forever home!

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July 15th, Sunday morning and I caught Dad sneaking back in the house with Jinx.
They took advantage of me not hearing and went out for a short walk down the street.
I know I can't keep up with Jinx but I still gave Dad the  "look" of betrayal...

A few hours later when Jinx wasn't paying attention he made it up to me with a 1/4 of a block slow walk.
It was a challenge but Dad let me take as long as I wanted and it was really nice to check out our street for a change...
I knew he wouldn't let me down!!   Jinx was waiting at the door to watch us come in, so we're even...

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When will Dad figure out I do NOT want my picture taken ?
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July 25th 2018...   Boy, can't an old dog catch a break...
A few weeks ago I could at least attempt to run through the yard even though my rear end was all over the place and a week ago I even went for a short walk that wasn't very fast but I still did it...  Now it's a challenge to get in and out of the door or walk around without falling.  Dr. Anderson adjusted my meds but the combination didn't help at all.  He was concerned with the photo Dad sent him of the way I sit now.

jack-sit-sm.jpg (53286 bytes)

Dr Anderson looked at the  short video Dad took of me walking and said my problem looks neurological so he made an appointment for the 27th to get an xray of my spine and hips to see what is going on..
Dad is a little down because today is one year since Pippin left us...


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Friday July 27th...  I know what it means when I don't get any breakfast, I'm headed for a Vet visit.
It's hard to believe a little over a week ago I took a short walk with Dad.  Each day is more of a challenge to get around.
Mom & Dad are carrying me outside to take care of business, barely.   I miss bolting outside barking, checking by the shed for varmints and wandering the backyard.    I can't hear anything but at least I can still see and smell the beautiful outdoors.  I have to be careful getting around inside because if I wobble off the many rugs put down for me onto a hard surface, there's no getting myself back without help.  Maybe I need one of those life alert buttons. I still can enjoy food if the bowl is brought up to my mouth but picking up my special bone to carry from room to room isn't possible since I can't bend down without falling.  I know Mom & Dad will look after me and try and keep me happy but, I think walking will not be an option soon.   I'll let them know when I've had enough of it but in the meantime, we'll see what Doctor Anderson finds of the x-rays today.

Doctor Anderson is leaving for vacation tomorrow and even though the office was jammed, he still fit me in to his schedule.   The x-ray showed the slipped disc in by back has gotten much worse a year later.  I got a Depo Medrol injection along with trying Adequan which I will get twice a week for two weeks in hopes of relieving some pain while still taking my usual Medrol and Tramadol.  Surgery for an almost 14 year old is not going to be an option so I think the next two weeks are to evaluate and see if there’s any hope at receiving decent pain management. 

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August 11th..  It's been two weeks of the last resort treatment but there wasn't much that could be done for an old dog with a messed up back.  Mom & Dad carry me out back but I don't feel much like walking around.   I move around the house when it's time to eat or get a treat.  The rest of the time I sleep. 


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Dad knows how much I miss being able to lay and roll in the grass since it's too hard to get back up so he carried me out in the shade this afternoon and laid me on my side.
I don't like being carried but wow was it ever nice to feel the grass on my face and body...

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20180814_171500post.jpg (352836 bytes)


I used to really hate being  picked up and carried around but lately
I'm finding out it's for my own good and thinking it's not so bad after all!

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September 7th and the Adequan injections Dad give me twice a week may be helping me move better.
I'm still on pain meds along with steroids and Dad's hoping those can be reduced as time goes on..




September 15th 2018
Celebrating My 14th Birthday !

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A few weeks into September and I'm still able to get around the house even though it isn't very graceful...
I wish Dad would stop trying to take my picture because I just take my bone and leave the room...

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Two months after that scary diagnosis I'm still around.  Dad is always trying to come up with ways to keep me pain free and some what mobile and giving me Adequan injections twice a week.  It's a wonder Doc Anderson puts up with him texting all the time but he will always go the extra mile for his patients. 

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October 2nd 2018
Dad shot a quick  video   of the graceful way I move through the yard

although it wasn't really that bad, today!



Time's marching on....   Thanksgiving is this week and I guess I do have allot to be thankful for by just being here...
Dad doesn't take as many pictures like he used to because it's not like I'm doing anything except laying around and also because I don't like having my picture taken any more...

I'm still on a few meds daily and Dad has been giving me Adequan injections for the last three months.  There's no protocol for over eight injections but since they seem to be helping and not doing any harm I will continue to be given them for the duration.  Think I'm up to number 37 by now...

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Dad made a new batch of his famous biscuits and gave me first choice to take one....
It took me a little time because I was trying to figure out how to snag a mouthful!

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November 28th   When Dad is working he always checks the cameras inside to see that we are alright especially since Jinx has been barking allot lately when we're left alone for some reason.  I got off the carpet runner by the kitchen and was spread eagle on the hard surface floor and couldn't get back up..  Luckily Dad saw what was happening and was working only 5 minutes down the road and rushed home to rescue me...  It took a few hours to shake it off since I'm having spine and leg issues still but Dad said we are to stay confined to the carpeted kitchen from now on when we're alone...



2018 is almost over in a few days and I made it through another year...   My body is a little rough and I can't hear but as long as I can get to the food bowl and treats, it's all good.